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Richard Humphries Bio

Richard Humphries is a photographer and published author. He lives, loves, and breathes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. South East Asia has been his passion and his patch for a number of years now so he knows his Dim Sum’s from his Durian’s, and his Laksa's from his Longan’s. Richard strives to live life to the full and take the sweet with the sour, the salty with the spicy, and the extraordinary with the mundane. 

A story-teller at heart, Richard’s work is focused on exploring stories that are so often passed-by in today's monotonous mainstream media. Richard has pursued his work through a strong journalistic style of photography and is interested in a broad range of genre’s ranging from social issues, portraiture, and food. He has also lived in Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa. 

Richard has worked with most of the leading publication’s, news agencies, NGO’s, and corporation’s. Richard is represented internationally by Polaris Images in New York. When not shooting photographs, or writing about himself in the third person, he is spending time with his wife and their nine adopted cats that have traveled with them on all their adventures. He is also an avid adventure motorcyclist, and a keen scuba diver.

Nov 17, 2021, 7:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur
Documenting daily life in the deep south region of Thailand
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