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Board game soiree at NegArt

A mystical world to explore and conquer


Explore and Conquer is a an empire-building game designed and 

constructed by Sarah Cordelle, a Moravian-Canadian games fan 

living in KL. Join the soiree and create a glorious empire to 

outshine, unify, or crush all others.


Set up for 2-4 players, the game begins with a blank map on which players settle their first city and ends with one of the players having dominated the board by one of military takeover, unification of faith, or cultural significance. Exploration of the map colors the game with Slavic legends and monsters from a forgotten time. RSVP to play on one of two boards or just come to watch.


Board 1 session: 6:30-8:30 – break, new players join – 9-11pm 

Board 2 session: (continuous, alternate game version*): 7pm –8:30 – break – 9-11pm

Speech and discussion

No events at the moment

Fearsome warrior, your tribe has selected you as their leader to follow into the unknown. It is in your name they will build a towering capitol to mark the birth of your empire. Your daring explorers are not simple map-makers: their contributions will advance your army, culture and faith. Send them out with the missive to chart the land as fast as possible to expand your knowledge and exploit the land’s riches. Train settlers to extend your territory by building new cities to grow food and generate production to support a bigger army. Send forth apostles from the cities to spread your good Good Dinoist faith to the heathens! Be a guiding light for your people and create a glorious empire to outshine, unify, or crush all others.

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