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FANTASIA is a series of shows that features the world’s best classical music with a twist of contemporary art vibe including dancing, lighting, and/or an unconventional location.  Each season we invite different, mostly Malaysian artists. Besides offering a unique performance, FANTASIA is also a black tie event. And we are quite serious about the fashion part! We want to give this opportunity to everyone to dress-up, walk the red carpet, feel special and be seen. 


Fantasia, an aesthetic experience of classical music

in an unconventional setting with black tie flare

26-27-28 October 2022


NegArt was proud to present the second installment of FANTASIA at Beta KL on October 26, 27 and 28. FANTASIA II was a sell-out show all three nights and featured some of the world’s best classical music and opera with a twist of contemporary dance, stunning lighting, and a breathtaking stage set.


FANTASIA II was conducted by Juan Montoya, and featured pianist Bernard Tan, cellist Stephen Johnson, soprano Jane Song, tenor Yap Jin Hin, modern singer Eryn Gani, red carpet singer Gianluca Cafagna, videographer Arnaud Blondel, dancers Yacine and QQ and was produced by Negar Sajadifar.


The evening started with free flowing G&Ts thanks to ROKU Gin, a red carpet where our guests were interviewed by our own “fashion police,” Shaleen Cheah, Andrea Wong, Max Mak and Santa Suri. FANTASIA’s red carpet was definitely the place to be seen. The performance and the entire evening was full of melodramatics, an abundance of staginess, additional dramatics, fireworks and lots of confetti!

FANTASIA II was under the patronage of
the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur




Juan Montoya: Music Producer

Bernard Tan: Piano

Stephen Johnson: Cello

Jane Soong: Soprano

Yap Jin Hin: Tenor

Gianluca cafagna: Singer

Eryn Gani: Singer

Yacine: Dance

QQ: Dance

Arnaud Blondel: Videographer 



Fantasia, an aesthetic experience of classical music

in an unconventional setting with black tie flare

30 - 31 March 2022

Piano: Mei Lin Hii

Cello: Matyas Major

Dance: Peot

Fantasia I, an evening of classical music with a pianist, a cellist and a dancer, black tie vibes.

The event was being sponsored by Graceful Piano, Zenzero Group and Martini.