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We are proud to announce our collaboration with Fugee for this Holiday season!


Fugee is an NGO that supports refugees in Kuala Lumpur and uses art as a medium to highlight the talented youth in the program. 


Visit us at NegArt on December 21, 2021, from 7-10 pm to fill your Christmas stockings and Dior Tote bag with priceless artwork created by students and refugees from Fugee. 


Every piece of artwork that the students create has an uplifting story and a dream attached.


The energy exchange of money for artwork will support refugees and the NGO Fugee.


See you on December 21 at NegArt, and we can toast the holiday season together, celebrate amazing refugee and Malaysian artists and check off a few gifts we needed on our list. But most importantly we are helping to keep the imagination and artistic talent bubbling in Kuala Lumpur. 


‘Tis the Season of Giving, and if you buy something for your own wall, we won’t tell anyone! 

No events at the moment

About Fugee

Fugee began with our educational arm Fugee School in 2009, with the premise that every child should be allowed to go to school. After starting off with 4 Somali children in primary school, the School has since grown to provide 192 students, K-9, from more than 10 different nationalities, with a holistic education. In 2019, the Fugee Youth Academy was founded to provide vocational training and consulting on tertiary education to the greater refugee youth community across Malaysia. This led to the formation of Fugee, the umbrella organisation that holds our two major missions to educate children and empower youth.  


For years, art has been used as a tool of expression among the Fugee School students and refugee community. Through this journey we have come to see the passionate and creative ways this tenacious community has used art to express their emotions, perspectives and stories. Fugee has empowered the children and youth community through musical ensembles, theatre workshops and art showcases time and time again.


Using art in various mediums, whether it’s writing a song or creating a painting, reflects a beautiful story of the refugee artists. It is not filled with sorrow and struggle, but rather an expression of their imagination and ambition. Fugee celebrates the success of young refugee artists, and continues to magnify their artistic talents to the savvy Malaysian society. 

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